The installer is the main class for accessing a installation-instance. You can look at this class as the installation you have or will perform.

Anything related to inside the installation, will be found in this class.

archinstall.Installer(target, *, base_packages=None, kernels=None)

Installer() is the wrapper for most basic installation steps. It also wraps pacstrap() among other things.

  • partition (class:archinstall.Partition) – Requires a partition as the first argument, this is so that the installer can mount to mountpoint and strap packages there.
  • boot_partition (class:archinstall.Partition) – There’s two reasons for needing a boot partition argument, The first being so that mkinitcpio can place the vmlinuz kernel at the right place during the pacstrap or linux and the base packages for a minimal installation. The second being when add_bootloader() is called, A boot_partition must be known to the installer before this is called.
  • profile (str, optional) – A profile to install, this is optional and can be called later manually. This just simplifies the process by not having to call install_profile() later on.
  • hostname (str, optional) – The given /etc/hostname for the machine.