python-archinstall Documentation

python-archinstall (or, archinstall for short) is a helper library to install Arch Linux and manage services, packages and other things.
It comes packaged with different pre-configured installers, such as the `Guided installation`_ installer.

A demo can be viewed here: which uses the default guided installer.

Some of the features of Archinstall are:

  • No external dependencies or installation requirements. Runs without any external requirements or installation processes.
  • Single threaded and context friendly. The library always executed calls in sequential order to ensure installation-steps don’t overlap or executes in the wrong order. It also supports (and uses) context wrappers to ensure things such as sync are called so data and configurations aren’t lost.
  • Supports standalone executable The library can be compiled into a single executable and run on any system with or without Python. This is ideal for live mediums that don’t want to ship Python as a big dependency.